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Asquith Realty Group Review - What makes a good neighborhood?

A good neighborhood could have a few advantages in case you are planning to buy a home. Depending on your needs, you can look for different facilities and amenities in a specific neighborhood. You may choose a neighborhood like Asquith Rise that has good schools nearby if you have children, but take into consideration the neighborhood’s schooling system first. For individuals living alone, they prefer a downtown singles condo in a complex that is close to the center of the city.


Buying a home in a good neighborhood will make you pay a premium but once you sell your home, these costs can usually be recovered. In the future, the value of a home could increase because of the economy of a particular neighborhood such as the availability of jobs and the growing opportunities. Understanding the growth of a neighborhood and the value of its residences involves evaluating its job market and overall economic health.


A good neighborhood like the Asquith group has a lot of good qualities, and included in those traits are good transportation, good roads, easy parking, lush green parks, playgrounds, ocean views, close proximity to schools, churches, shopping, places to eat as well as recreational clubs.


Having a respectable background and environment is also one of the characteristics of a good neighborhood. Good children are often the result of good schools that leads to a better community and development in the future. To assess the quality of a school, you may personally visit the school and speak with the parents and teachers to obtain details on the schooling system of that specific neighborhood.


The safety of your family and your home is usually the main concern of everyone especially with the asquith group. To determine if the neighborhood has low crime rates, you may call or visit the local police department, visit its website, or check the town’s reference library to get more important information.


Stability is also one of the elements of a good neighborhood. If a certain neighborhood already caught your interest, you should identify if there are any future proposed construction projects in that neighborhood with its local planning department or a dependable real estate agent. You don’t want your purchased home with many open space and parks before to turn into a multi-storied apartment building in just a blink of an eye, right?


Determining how the neighborhood was maintained involves the pride of ownership of the residents. You will see how beautifully maintained a neighborhood was with its people taking good care of their homes as well as their surroundings. If a neighborhood is no longer maintained properly and if there’s obvious deterioration in houses, property prices may decline.


The Asquith group is one of the major developments in Sydney’s Upper North Shore that continues to provide a balanced and beautiful living to every individual and family.